09:00 a.m. up to 01:00 p.m

Small fruit salad

with yogurt

€ 3,20
Small Breakfast

1 baked rolls, 2 slices cheese, egg, butter and jam

€ 4,40

Pancakes with maple syrup and butter

€ 6,50

3 varieties of cheese, turkey sausage, ham, jam, 6,90
1 boiled egg, butter and bread

€ 7,50

6 varieties of cheese, jam, butter, egg & bread

€ 7,90
Breakfast „Charlotte“

3 scrambled eggs with ham, jam,

butter and toast

€ 7,90
English Breakfast

2 fried eggs with bacon on baked beans, jam, butter and toast

€ 8,90
Palace - Breakfast

Salmon, turkey sausagham, 2 varieties

of cheese, egg, butter, jam and bread

€ 9,50
Salmon - Breakfast

Smoked salmon with scrambled eggs , dill and onions,

butter, horseradish and breadbaske

€ 11,90


09:00 a.m. up to 01:00 p.m

2 fried eggs on toast

2 fried eggs on toast

€ 6,50
Scrambled egg with chives

and tomatoes

€ 6,50
Scrambled egg

with grilled „Nürnberger“-Sausages

€ 7,90
Farmers Breakfast

Omlette with potatoes, bacon and onions

€ 7,90



with thyme and french sheep cheese

€ 4,70
Truffled mushroom cream soup € 4,90


Crispy Sweet potato-french fries

with herb curd

€ 5,90
Marinated Tuna

topped on tomatoes slices with red onions and toast

€ 7,90
Pan of vegetables

with herb curd

€ 10,50
Beef carpaccio

with lettuce und parmesan flakes

€ 11,90
5 King prawns

with chili, cherry tomatoes, snow pea and garlic in olive oil
served with basmati rice, in a hot pan

€ 13,90


Colorful mixed salad

with cherry tomatoes, roasted sunflower seeds, cucumber
and carrots with balsamic vinegar

€ 7,90


Fresh prepared dishes directly from the oven, served in our „royal“ black-golden special roasting tray.
It is an especially flavour and odour experience!

Palace chicken thigh

spy grilled with corn, beans, sweet pepper and potatoes,
with a spicy cream sauce

€ 10,90
Stuffed sweet peppers

with mashed vegetable- sweet potatoes, tomato sauce
and grated french sheep´s cheese

€ 12,90
Braised lamb shank on rosmarinjus

with vegetables and mini potatos

€ 17,90
The Berlin ocean perch

freshly caught from the Berlin-Schöneberger organic-farming,
with vegetables, potatoes and herbs, steamed in his own jiuce

€ 17,90
Braised veal cheeks

braised in Burgundy sauce with mashed sweet potatoes and broccoli

€ 19,90


XXL Homemade Cheeseburger 230 g

with coleslaw and french fries

€ 10,90
XXL Homemade BBQ Burger 230 g

with bacon, coleslaw and french fries

€ 11,90
Chicken breast fillet

with braised vegetables, potatoes

€ 13,50
Pork medaillons

with truffled mushroom, mashed sweet potatoes

€ 14,90
Argentinean rump steak 200g

optional with Pommes Frites or rosmary potatoes

€ 17,90
Ladysteak, argentinean rump steak 160g

with sweet pepper and fresh mushrooms

€ 17,90
Argentinean rump steak 200g

with sweet pepper, fresh mushrooms and potatoes

€ 19,90


Berlin original Currywurst"

Traditional sausage Berlin style, with curry sauce and french fries

€ 10,90
Meat Balls „Königsberger Klopse“

mit with caper sauce, minipotatoes and beetroot

€ 10,90
Veal & Chickenbreast fillet strips

with spicy tomatosauce, mushrooms,
sweet pepper, onions and basmati rice

€ 13,90
Grill Pork Knuckle

with vegetable and potatoes

€ 15,90
Veal cutlet

breaded veal cutlet with coleslaw and french fries

€ 16,90
Veal liver steak with triple onions

with balsamic vinegar sauce and sweet potatoes

€ 14,90
Fried pikeperch

with mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, sage butter,
and horseradish mashed sweet potatoes

€ 16,50
Grilled Berlin ocean perch

freshly caught from the Berlin-Schöneberger organic-farming,
with vegetables, chili and minipotatoes

€ 17,90


Tagliatelle vegetable

with fresh vegetables and sweet pepper-creamsauce

€ 9,90
Tagliatelle chicken

with stripes of chicken breast fillet and basil-tomato sauce

€ 10,90
Tagliatelle with King Prawns

with garlic and tomato sauce

€ 13,90


Original receipt from Alsace, France

Tarte flambée classic

with bacon, onions and cheese

€ 8,90
Tarte flambée

with marinated pest-tomatoes , rocket
and grated french sheep´s cheese

€ 9,90


Wiener Kaiserschmarrn

sugared pancake Vienna Style, with raisins and hot cherries

€ 5,50
Hot apple strudel

with vanilla sauce and fruits

€ 5,90
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